We're All Adults Here

by al Riggs

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Some Words:

I moved back to the Triangle in May. Before then I lived in Greensboro for three years, most of those years with my boyfriend.

When I first moved there in October 2012 I was overcome with this tremendous freedom of living on my own. Finally, I could live how I wanted to live and not run every decision by parents. Pizza for most meals, if and when I ate, basically.

Three years later I still look back at that first year as one of the best times of my life. But as I moved from house to house to apartment my relationship with the town had changed. I started seeing it as a place where a lot of people, like me, moved to for school or personal freedom. To play music and hang out with friends and smoke and drink and enjoy life. While this was a romantic thought for a lot of people I encountered I ended up reading it as a sort of purgatory. I wasn’t really progressing in life. I kept working job after job, most of which I hated. My music was good during that time but other than my music I had nothing to fuel my creativity and nothing to really challenge me.

I was worried that This was all my life was going to be; just floating around, working delivery jobs, hating my coworkers, hating where I lived, hating everything for the grand reward of Personal Freedom. I gained about forty pounds, stopped going to shows, and my relationship with my boyfriend started to deteriorate because of the stagnation I felt, and I suppose he felt as well.

So I quit my two jobs, explained the situation to my boyfriend, and left.
Five months later I am still living at home, but working out plans for moving out by January. I have lost the weight I gained but still deal with a lot of the effects of the weight gain including Why Is My Left Arm Red And Hurting And Just Full Of Blood That Isn’t Going Anywhere All The Time and the unwillingness to exercise for some reason. My music has improved but my means of recording have had to change due to Technical Problems.

I am happier now that I am not living in Greensboro, but I worry that the stagnation is starting to crawl back into my life. The need to continue to move forward has taken shape in two radically different side projects: the dark, percussive folk of Sister Viktorine and the violent, electro noise of VAXXERS. I played a Hopscotch show this year with the caveat that it would be the last time I would perform with the “and the Inconveniences” addition to my name.

I released “Husbands” a couple of months ago and it is indeed the last of my Inconveniences. But I have not abandoned myself yet. So the decision to return to my own name for my music was a hard one to make, but one I had to make. My name no longer the two-letter all caps, I salvaged twelve songs from the “Husbands” sessions that didn’t fit, re-recorded some parts, and got to editing.

What’s left is “We’re All Adults Here”, a collection of songs about the dangers of chasing the false idea of Personal Freedom and how that chase might end up destroying your relationship with those around you. Despite the subject matter I feel that it actually is some of the most hopeful and optimistic music I’ve ever made, made a bit livelier by the (lack of) production surrounding the mixes. The songs rock harder, are a bit squelchier in sound, and I think are made better by not worrying about things sounding “perfect”.

I’m really proud of these songs and I hope you all enjoy them and get something from them.


released October 24, 2015

al played and wrote all things heard
this album is for the city of Greensboro and for the hope that I never live in you again.

and it is also for Michael who moves back to Greensboro for school in January.

Life is strange and vengeful sometimes.



all rights reserved


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AL Riggs and The Inconveniences Greensboro, North Carolina

No longer shackled by the inconveniences, al Riggs now has lowercased his name and returns with "We're All Adults Here", a spiritual sequel to "Husbands". A collection of krautrock inspired mini-orchestras about the town he abandoned and why he had to leave, "WAAH" is a crunchy, creamy fever dream. RIYL: nervousness, quiet screaming, Not The Doors. Torch songs for the unmotivated and afraid. ... more

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Track Name: I'm Sorry That I Doomed You To The Chicken Plant
Pittsboro back roads
We are Magellans of the Carolinas
(or just one Carolina
Just one all our lives)

Papermills and water centers
You're silent the second half home
And I reassure you won't be alone
Alone all our lives

(and this is me saying this
and you know me so pay attention)

Get motivated, take the time you have
To breed creation
You aren't doomed to die here
So get off the island that weighs you down
We are apart but we should take advantage
Of the plain and simple truth
That there's nothing anymore to
Bring us back to that town

Oh, Greensboro,
I hope someone burns you down.
Track Name: We're All Adults Here
Songs about cloudy days in Salem
Always grind my teeth to dust
I'm sheltered like you really should be

Had to bombard myself away
Kamakaze'd so to say
But we're all adults here, aren't we?

Do you know how free I feel?

Crowds around the NYP
Wednesday afternoon and you can see
There's no one playing there right now

So root for those who are punched down
When the punch comes circling around
We'll see whose still all adults here somehow

Do you know how great it is?
Do you hear how great it is?

Breakfast just twenty minutes from here
Feels like I'm walking on air
But it just feels good to be able to afford it again

Surf rock reverb rainy day
Can't hear what he's trying to say
The radio waves are surfed by content, angry,
Worshipped, young men

Do you know how free I feel?
Track Name: I Come From The Sea
I am in debt
To my fingernails
To my heartburn
I am in debt
I come from the sea
Know that now about me

Cut myself shaving
On a rock
That I found
In a hole in my sock
I come from the sea
Know that about me

I come from Berkeley
But if anyone asks me
I come from the sea

The car always starts
When I don’t need
To go anywhere
They can see
I come from the sea
Know that now about me

I come from Carolina
But if anyone asks ya
I come from the sea
Know that about me
Track Name: When The Heat Went Away
We nailed the plastic down
Tenants all over town
Preparing for the week
The winter reached its peak

Our feet frozen off
Blood erupts with the cough
Our remembrance day
From when the heat went away

Pulled back a nail
Applied pressure to no avail
We abide by laws
Put in place by singing saws

You yelled "I'm done"
Shook off the gun
Our remembrance day
Of when the heat went away

They jogged three miles
Nodding knowing smiles
Took time off on the deck
A guitar string
Around their neck

We buried them both
Knocked out the rope
Our remembrance day
From when the heat went away.
Track Name: Capital Plaza Hotel
I spent the summer
Picking seeds out my gums with a toenail
It's a life a bit more decadent
Than what I was used to

They said some kids died
At the Capital Plaza Hotel
(it was me, I said that
and I'd say it again if I had to)
Let me have this

That old hotel and the highway surrounding
Great place, I think
Great place to save face and cover up
Bodies and asses

And a tiny little percolator still in the box
A use unused, I drink
Only when I'm told to
Avoid the tall glasses
Let me have this

All those kids died for nothing
All those kids, don't die
All those kids went home last night
All those guns got melted down
All those gunmen get to die
And all those kids get to go home tonight.
Track Name: This Goddamn Heat
While "wild" is a greener term to put it
This goddamn heat is pounding us
Storybooks catching fire, babies crying
Only hope is parents grounding us

Sprinkle-ers bribing us with sweet release
Digging holes in woodland dirt
Just bury me here, I'm just gonna rest
Until the cool comes hard, so much it hurts

Just bury me here
This goddamn heat
I hope it ends

When you wake up I'll be a street away
Soaking my face in free anointment
I'll come back with news from the front
No need for shoes or past appointment

Wash my hands with caked sweat
Electricity eludes me
Just bury me here in my car
The trash so high you could confuse me

Just bury me here
This goddamn heat
I hope it ends

You could confuse me for
You could confuse me for
You could confuse me for free.
Track Name: Understanding Caves
There are sparrows I see
Shot for more than this
And bears who will never see the sun
Sleeping warmer than this

But I'm happy for you
This cave, and you

There are trees that die
Lying up next to each other
There are dead trees that are used
As simple shelter

But I'm thankful for you
This cave, and you

And when we sleep next
There will be fabric
There will be cotton
There will be windows
Keeping us from the woods
Keeping us from the woods
Keeping us from the woods
That I understand more and more
With you.
Track Name: Whiteness of The Whale
Hung down over the street lamps
Londoners love
Pink lamp reaching down to the steps
Sedementary in nature
Grows brighter in winter

Why does the whiteness of the whale
Matter much
When all it's going to do is swallow you?
I pulled its tongue and held on

And the whale swallowed up the street lamps
Londoners love
Whale ate the pink light and the steps
Made my escape when he
Froze over in the winter

Why does the quality of meat
Matter much
When an ocean of ice is all that's
There for your bed?

I ripped it apart
Swam around its head
And by the morning
They'll all think I'm dead.
Track Name: The Twain
Zinfandel turns to zinager
Burns our throats
Stop motion artifacts after her
Hung our coats

How can I live without this
The twain
Between the beds
Between the twain

If you wanted a man with a plan
You shouldn't have built a den
If you wanted a man with a future
You should have married a Jetson

How can I live without this...

A heavy wind encroaches the crops
Starving seeds jump from the leaves
Starred Saturday'd calendar wobbles and drops
Head powered, head strong
Heading to long, shining seas

I don't drink water again
Burns the roof
You fell down again
Lost a tooth

How can I live without this...
Track Name: Stop Believing
Fog brings the heat during the fall and not much more
Car brings me home and my boots crack on the floor
Dead tired I’m sighing, I’m happy that you’re not awake
To see the nightly routine I can never shake

I pray, quietly
And I hope you never see
You’ve made me stop believing
that my life’s been planned from the beginning

Mason jars filled up with vinegar fill up with gnats
The back of the car carried all of our robes and our hats
Heat hurts so bad, either keeping too much in or it’s my diet
You looked up a list of churches, said you wanted to try it

I pray, quietly…
Track Name: God's Heavy Wrath
i’m breathing home through my veins
and i’m washing my clothes in its wake
and i’m drying off in the sun and
holding a hand i shouldn’t take

and girls walk down the street and die
and i spring up and stay in bed
i run away before you see
the dotted lines where you thought you saw my head

we’ve been given a great opportunity

i don’t want to take advantage of
a system made for folks with worse lives
all i am is common for a fella
who gets nervous ‘round kitchen knives

and all i wanted was to sing and drink
and be a normal freshman faggot
but the plans turned to backtracks
and backtracks turned to quiet

we’ve been given a great opportunity

things i thought just made me off
are things i’m told that are pretty common
for people of my spectrum placement
for people of my specific tension

and college towns weren’t meant for men
like college towns weren’t made for hills
i sweat out home twenty four seven
and home unfiltered really kills

we’ve been given a great opportunity

maya died today and i moved home
so we can build up some money
for finally living alone together
it’s been worth it, hasn’t it honey

and you’re the greatest stranglehold
a guy like me could ever hope for
our surroundings are so quiet you could
almost hear the singing through the door
they’re singing:

“we’ve been given a great opportunity
we've been given a great opportunity
we've been given a great opportunity
we've been given a great opportunity
you and me".