1. The Wire Filters no. 2 (single)

  2. Hiding From The Sun: An Introduction

  3. Sweaty, Uncoordinated vol. 3- Live on WXDU

  4. Sweaty, Uncoordinated vol. 2- Live at the VAE

  5. Tardigrade
    al Riggs

  6. There Are Days When We're Good- Single
    al Riggs

  7. Tardigrade- Single
    al Riggs

  8. New Idyllic- Single
    al riggs

  9. Night Freedom
    al Riggs

  10. Young Hegelians- single
    al Riggs

  11. The New South Exhumation- single

  12. Night Freedom- single
    al Riggs

  13. Blue Mornings
    al Riggs

  14. Thundercloud Hymnals- single
    al Riggs

  15. Breakdowner and the Hungry Months
    al Riggs

  16. Let It Fall On You (Single)
    al Riggs

  17. My Man From The County Over- single
    al Riggs

  18. When The Saints Go Stag- Single

  19. We're All Adults Here
    al Riggs

  20. Husbands

  21. Little Angel Shoulder Dweller Pt. 1: "I Come From The Sea"

  22. ...and I You

  23. Peakcityrockers- Single

  24. Husbands- Single

  25. Al Riggs Fears Death

  26. Haunted Years

  27. My Grey Gardens- Single

  28. SUN KING

  29. Pasquotank

  30. Midnight With the Corpse Dudes- Single

  31. The Sound Your Blood Makes

  32. This Is Where He Lived- Single

  33. The New South

  34. The Long Run

  35. We Have To Leave Home- Single

  36. Woodchuck- EP

  37. Ghost Blood- Single

  38. Other Burlington- Single

  39. yulemen

  40. Nouveauberlin - EP
    Tall Riots

  41. Radical Faeries

  42. Radical Faeries- Single

  43. Last Night Home

  44. Local Honey

  45. Sweaty, Uncoordinated: Live at The Cave

  46. Songs For Bethesda

  47. Stand Up, Fireside

  48. Ol' Bean

  49. Good Reasons To Freeze To Death: The Christmas Album

  50. Ho! Ho! Ho! Etc!- EP

  51. Mystery Hole Memoir- Single

  52. String Quartet at a Wedding- Single

  53. Whistleblower

  54. Mystery Hole Demos

  55. Crowilition

  56. Us Underground Folk

  57. Swanville Revisited

  58. Hard Times and Airplanes

  59. Songs To Clap To- EP

  60. Centralia, PA- Single

  61. This Festival- EP

  62. Rusted Shrine- EP

  63. Palmcorder Yajna/Acid Tongue- Single

  64. Life of A Hummingbird- EP

  65. All The Books That You Don't Read- Single

  66. Province-EP

  67. Underground Apostrophe- EP

  68. Bloodbanks- Single

  69. Cotton Mouth- Part One

  70. Birdstain-EP


al Riggs Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Sad Songs For, About, And Written By Birds


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